Lookalike lyngby vase

Danish designcompany Lyngby's iconic vases with a delicate relief has been on my wish list for a long long time. Lyngby where founded 1936 and their vases is now regarded as modern classics. Made in white and black and available in a variety of sizes (but perhaps the most popular is in the heights of 20 and 25 cm). The factory closed in the 60s but has recently been taken in production again and the interest of their vases has increased markedly. In the light of this. Can it really be a coincidence that the Danish chain Ilva sells almost identical pieces. In black and white. With the same measure? A Lookalike, right?
The original: Lyngby 20 cm price 874 SEK, Lyngby 25 cm 1249 SEK
Lookalike: IlvaKyra i 20 cm price 179 SEK, Ilva 25 cm pris 229 SEK

Modern Scandinavian garden inspiration

When the evening sun is set and the patio is starting to feel a bit chilly (which usually occurs timely to the World Cup broadcasts starts) I amuse myself with surfing for * drum roll * ... garden inspiration! Yes. I have become almost obsessed. Not that I have any grand plans though. I love to have a low-maintenance garden. But it would be nice if our large patio deck of graying wood could be joined by little, a little more greenery this time of year. My inspiration folder on the theme "bridled garden" is swelling. More photos and inspiration can be found in my Pinterest folder if you click HERE!
Source: 1234567) 8)

Hemnetgodis in Malmö

In between all trade fair reports and product news (which are frequent this time of year) I have to share the link to some fresh real estate candy. This Scandinavian styled apartment is (unfortunately) already sold, but the pictures are still available on the web of BoLagets fastighetsmäkleri. Wow! I love it. 

Formex spring 2014

This week the Nordic interior design fair Formex is held in Stockholm. More than 900 exhibitors, 26,000 trade visitors and 800 media representatives. This spring Formex ushers in the season with inspiration and trends based on Day Dreams. I took the tour to collect some inspiration and information about the upcoming seasons hottest colours, patterns, styling trends and new products. Lets take a look!
The Trend Zone was curated by Jan Rundgren. Lot's of craziness and colour (honestly, not my cup of tea) divided into the themes Down to Earth, Deep Flow, Day Dream and Indian Summer.
I liked a few of them, but I'm sorry to say that I'm fed up with the "kitsch" trends that Formex always comes up with.
I liked the trend café Day Dream much more. As well as Synnöve Morks fantastic trend restaurant "Onstage Backstage". Wonderful exhibitions and a nice environment for a relaxing meal.
Pink, beige, lots of glass and ceramics, wooden details and nature inspired looks seems to be trendy during the upcoming months. Well. I think 2014 will be a good year!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se

My latest purchase

Speaking of the kids's room I actually bought something on that theme we were in Frankfurt. I ran into this cute pillowcase at Zara Home for Kids and could not resist buying one of themfor Max's room. A real bargain. Reduced to 70% off. If you no Zara Home in your neighbourhood (but love to craft) you can always be inspired by this as  DIY-idea!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.com

Kaspar wallpaper in grey

You keep sending me thousand and a billions of questions about Max's room. Do I have some advice to give other parents? Which bed have we chosen for him? Do I have some great tips on cute night lights? Or rugs that works in the children's room? Stylish Storage? Und so weiter. I promise, promise, promise that I will show you more. Soon. One step in the right direction is the grey wallpaper Kaspar from Sandbergs that has come up on one of his walls. Now I just have to fix some nice shelves that will house Max colorful toys. Bare with me. Pictures are coming!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se

Heimtextil 2014

I'm back from Frankfurt and it's time to sum up Heimtextil 2014. One of the largest international interior design fairs / trade shows for textiles and wallpaper. The overall (and inofficial) theme this year was "structure". Whether it was wallpaper, textiles or new technologies that was on display the red thread and common feature was three-dimensional surfaces and tactile patterns.
The fairgound in Frankfurt is huge. E n o r m o u s, even. Sprawling over acres, through hangar-like halls. Me and my sister in law was very happy for all escalators and moving sidewalks that helped us move around more easily between the exhibitions. Especially since we were walking with a stroller.
Another major difference with Heimtextil compared to the other fairs I visited before was the strict German "no photo policy". The exhibitors were not happy when I hauled up my SLR Camera. The only place I was allowed to take pictures with something else than my crappy mobile camera was the trend exhibition. So therefore, I will focus my photo report on that area. Here we go!
 In the Trend Zone called Progress! the fair had put together four themes with lots of samples from the different exhibitors. Engineer Nature, Generate Collision, Rejuvenate Craft and Exalt Purity. On my Instagram account, you will find four videos showing even more pictures of them!

Engineer Nature displayed how we are experiencing a design trend that explores the concept of creating natural works using articifial means and which allows itself to be inspired by the interaction of science and design.
Generate Collision displayed how new emerging materials and technologies allow replicable unique and personalised results.
Exalt Purity was presented as a response to mass production, the interest in objects that have personalities and are accompanied by stories is increasing. In the quest for meaning, this movement honours natural materials by embracing their imperfections and highlighting their origins deliberately. While Rejuvenate Craft was reviving and renewing traditional craft techniques.
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se (my pic is taken by Anna Ramstedt, Prickenoverlivet.se)

Santa come, and gone - left chaos in his wake...

... so today I cut the clutter after Christmas by cleaning out our house. I love that feeling (as much as I love decking the halls in december). All our ornaments are now neatly stored and stoved and I have dismantled our home from red, gold and multicoloured cheery holiday decorations. Replacing the festive Christmas plants with some fresh flowers. Bye bye hyacinths and miniature trees and hey crispy tulips and pink roses! And a big welcome back to the daylight. I've missed you! A snapshot from our coffee table.
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se

Built In Bookcase Design Ideas

I have given myself a couple of interior-related New Year's resolutions (or goals, if you will) for 2014. And I'm planning to share some of them with you guys. The very first project on my list is to come to closure with a built in bookcase for our living room. The dimensions we have to work with are a 207 cm wide and 252 cm high wall. The only problem is that I can not decide on a shelf construction. Those of you who follow me on Instagram are already familiar with my perplexities but below I have made a sum up of the alternatives I'm choosing from. Do you have experience of these built in bookcase designs? 
1) Placebuilt solution
Measurements: Built on site. Can be done exactly as we want.
Price: No idea? What does building materials and craftsmen for a project like this cost?
Pro's: Measurements are adapted to the wall and the books we want to make room for. And the shelves can be painted in exactly the same white color as the rest of the living room.
Con's: Requires carpenter / craftsman (and a blueprint?). Expensive? Can not be taken with us if / when we move.
2) Elfas wall-mounted system
Measurements: Can be easily adapted to our wall dimensions, with a depth 30 or 40 cm
Price: Elfa 143 SEK per wall track and 256 SEK per shelf, console 41 SEK per piece
Pro's: Flexible, airy and gives a sense of "long lines" since you do'nt have vertical disturbances.
Con's: Doe´s this solution really work on thin partition walls in a home?
3) Montana shelving units
Measurements (in this version): H 208.8 cm L 193.7 cm W 30 cm
Price: I do note even dare to look at the price tag. ONE module á 69 * 69 cm costs 2700 kr...
Pro's: A design classics that easily can be taken down when moving. Also has smaller shelves which creates a nice rhythmic pattern on the wall.
Con's: Extremely expensive. Longer delivery time than my patience can handle. 
4) Voice Libro vitrine (4 modules in white)
Measurements: H 216 cm L 160 cm W 40 cm
Price: 27 260 SEK
Pro's: Glass doors that creates a stylish impression (and also a great protection for books and decorative items against kids hands).
Con's: The dimensions. Can not measure wall to wall in our home. What if the baby shows kamikaze tendencies? Quite expensive too....

5) IKEA's BILLY with glass doors
Measurements: W 200 cm H 237 cm D 28 cm
Price: 4135 SEK
Pro's: With moldings and frames, you can create built-in-feeling. IKEA's glass doors are made of tempered glass (safe!). Nice price! And no delivery time to thonk of (available for pick up at IKEA tomorrow).
Con's: Will it blend in nicely and get a sleek look, or will the wooden panels aorund it look more like you painted lipstick on a pig?
6) IKEA's BILLY without glass doors
Measurements: W 200 cm H 237 cm W 28 cm
Price: 1635 SEK
Pro's: No delivery time (as above). Can easily be "framed" with moldings for built-in-feeling (made in a minute as above). The price!! It's practicaly for free when you compare with the first alyernatives on my list.
Con's: All small pinholes that will appear when you do not have doors on BILLY. Someone told me that the BILLY shelves will get bulging with books' weight after some time. Is that true? ... And as always...the white color of IKEA's furniture's not really white.

Happy New Year!

Since I am somewhat allergic to self-gloryfying year reviews where bloggers pile up their accomplishments - I will simply restrict myself to say that 2013 has been another amazing year filled with new adventures, quests and challenges. Tonight I will cheer for Max and the fact that we had a healthy and happy little baby during 2013 - who brought the concept of love a new dimension in my life. But from a more blogbased perspective I will raise the glass for many and brave decisions, for the fact that I finally learned how my camera works and last but not least because I found a new partner, colleague and friend during 2013. On the maternity hospital! Yes, that's true. I promise to tell you more about that later. My New Year's resolution for 2014 then? Writing. If 2013 was all about photography, my keyboard will get to work a lot more during the next 12 months. I'm not sure if that will be noticeable here, but I really miss the reflection and thought and hard work I put into my texts before I started blogging. Everything tends to become so brief and short in the blog format. And finally I will stop being so damn dutiful and "clever" and start to live a little more. Yes. Honestly and sincerely. I will put the quality of life and enjoyment über alles in 2014. And I wish you some of that too. Cheers and happy new year! See you on the other side of midnight.
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.com

Last issue of Trendensers iPad-magazine. At least for a while.

There is a fresh issue of Trendensers iPad magazine waiting to be downloaded in AppStore. And you know what? This will be the last one. At least for now. After a tough fall with lot's of hard work juggling a part-time parental leave with part time freelance dutys I have realized that I don't have time enough to do everything I want to do, with a great result. Therefore, I've had to prioritize for the upcoming 2014. And although the iPad project has been a great fone with over 70,000 downloaded apps, several "highlights of the month" in iTunes, loyal advertisers such as Orrefors, IKEA and Ellos, and last but not least the honouring award "App of the Year in Newsstand 2012 "thet we recieved from Apple - the equation has not gone down and I decided to take a break with the digital mag. instead I will do my best to translate my regular posts, on a daily basis - for you english speaking followers. I hope you'll like it. And that you will continue to follow me here on Trendenser.com Please let me know what you think about it!
Photo: screen print from iTunes

Weekly Sum Up No: 52 / 2013

It's time to sum up the last shivering news of 2013. Week 52 may have been a rather sleepy one, due to the holiday season, but I have found a few newsworthy blog posts, press releases and teasers of what's to come for 2014 that is worth mentioning. Let's have a look!
Let's start with Sandberg who sent out a fresh press kit the last days before Christmas Eve. Their new wallpaper collection Carl contains seven different kinds of stripes, all of which have been inspired in the Swedish winter landscape. I like Dawn. Launched in store January 2014!
Batik pattern with tone-on-tone-water colour effects seems to be the thing next year. Here a new pillow from Lagerhaus to be launched in their stores during January. Price 139 kr.Worth to look out for?
Patterns with plants and florals is another trend to come. Marimekko has shown their spring collection with several news on this theme. Kurjenpolvi (meaning Geranium in Finnish) is a patterned printed on everything from porcelain to bedspreads and fluffy towels.
 Just before Christmas, the Stockholm Furniture Fair, launched their trend themes (for the exhibition that will take place in February next year). Follow this link to read more about the colors and styles that their trend expert Jan Rundgren believes in for 2014!
Speaking of Stockholm Design Week and the Furniture Fair. Did you know that the design duo GamFratesi will be next years the Guest of Honours? They recently did the interior for restaurant "The Standard" in Copenhagen. More info at Lotta's blog, and here.
The blogosphere has been quite quiet the last week, with only a few exceptions. Yesterday the Swedish blog Helt Enkelt announced that she 1) has developed its own photo calendar that can be ordered on request 2) will take her blog from the web of Sköna Hem (Swedens most popular printed magazines) by the end of  December. Ooops? She's not comfortable in their context. A crucial question for the big publishers' blog portals next year? Well. Yes. I'm afraid so.
Let's round off with a great styling job from the last Plaza Interior. A nice home-tour that has recieved digital applause online during late December. The images are photographed by Therese Winberg, who also lives in the apartment. More and more photos can be found here.

Happy Holidays!

"Mellandagarna", the days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve might be the best part of the holidays. I wear my pajamas 24/7, eat gingerbread cookies for breakfast and enjoy all the extra time I get to spend with my new little family . I got a stack of books as a Christmas gift from my mother in law and I have already read two of them. Now I'm up for a blog tour to check if it happened enough during last week for me to be able to whip up the last Sunday sweep for this year. Happy Holidays to you all!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.com

Heart of Lovikka

I will not bore you with pictures of our Christmas tree, because when it comes to Christmas I'm actually more into traditions than trends. So therefore our tree does not offer much inspiration when it comes to innovative decorations. We have red ornaments (matte, shiny and glittering in different sizes) and gingerbread cookies. Needless to say - Not that excitiing, huh?. But there is however one thing that I really would like to show you. And that is our new Christmas tree mat (given to me by my friend Sophia). Thank you! I love the winter white color, the subtle embroideries and the thick braid!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.com

Inspiring Scandinavian apartment

It's a bit sparse with eye candy on Hemnet right now. The whole industry seems to have off-season at the same time as Santa's little elves have to work overtime. But this morning I ran into an apartment for sale on Kungsholmen that offers some inspiring pics worth taking notes from. 1) The big art work behind/above the couch. Probably an easy DIY-project. With a white canvas, black paint and a wide brush. And 2) the kitchen table. A naked wooden board on legs from IKEA. Easy to adjust according to the measurements you have in your kitchen / dining room. More images after the jump!

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