November issue of Trendensers iPad magazine out now!

The november issue of Trendensers iPad magazine is now released in AppStore. For those of you who have signed up for a subscription it will pop up a small reminder on your iPad (unless you have turned off your push notifications) and for those who only buy single copies this months issue includes inspiring Halloween crafts and a large kitchen special. In addition, you will learn to tell the difference between genuine and fake of the design classic The Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen. As always there is also lots of DIY tips, my monthly mood board, "What's hot and what's not" and the latest news from the interior design industry in Scandinavia. You can download the app from iTunes. Here's a link!
Photo: AppStore

To sort under unnecessary (but cute) stuff

Yesterday I had a meeting with Hans and Andreas at Royaldesign in Kalmar to discuss some future projects. While we sat in their office this little wooden figure caught my eye. It kind of lit up the desk filled with important papers and to-do lists. So cute! I know. I'ts a very unnecessary gadget (a pen holder made of wood may not be the first thing you will find on Maslow's hierarchy of needs) but it's incredibly sweet. Is'nt it? Design Kay Bojesen. The detail of the day. And some eyecandy for you. 
Photo: Frida Ramstedt,

Bedroom inspiration

My next planned purchase for the bedroom spells "wall storage" and "a new ceiling lamp". After a few dust ups with our current lamp Norm69, which is impossible to clean without getting an unwanted plastic puzzle in your hands (since the pieces have a tendency to loose from its mounts) I ran over this inspirational bedroom image styled by Tenka via Emma's design blog. I love everything about it. The shelves, the lamp, the floor. Alles. This photo will be filed in my inspiration folder. Gorgeous! Now I only have to save up for a white Kotte. And wait. Since that might take a lifetime to achieve. 
Foto: Jacob Termansen och styling av Tenka för Louise Poulsen via Emma