Lookalike lyngby vase

Danish designcompany Lyngby's iconic vases with a delicate relief has been on my wish list for a long long time. Lyngby where founded 1936 and their vases is now regarded as modern classics. Made in white and black and available in a variety of sizes (but perhaps the most popular is in the heights of 20 and 25 cm). The factory closed in the 60s but has recently been taken in production again and the interest of their vases has increased markedly. In the light of this. Can it really be a coincidence that the Danish chain Ilva sells almost identical pieces. In black and white. With the same measure? A Lookalike, right?
The original: Lyngby 20 cm price 874 SEK, Lyngby 25 cm 1249 SEK
Lookalike: IlvaKyra i 20 cm price 179 SEK, Ilva 25 cm pris 229 SEK

Postat av: DavidVaf

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