Bedroom inspiration

My next planned purchase for the bedroom spells "wall storage" and "a new ceiling lamp". After a few dust ups with our current lamp Norm69, which is impossible to clean without getting an unwanted plastic puzzle in your hands (since the pieces have a tendency to loose from its mounts) I ran over this inspirational bedroom image styled by Tenka via Emma's design blog. I love everything about it. The shelves, the lamp, the floor. Alles. This photo will be filed in my inspiration folder. Gorgeous! Now I only have to save up for a white Kotte. And wait. Since that might take a lifetime to achieve. 
Foto: Jacob Termansen och styling av Tenka för Louise Poulsen via Emma

Postat av: Desiree

Totally loving the house of Tenka, that I showed on my blog lately as well after a chat with her. One day I will drop by at her studio and see it all with my own eyes ;)

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