Happy New Year!

Since I am somewhat allergic to self-gloryfying year reviews where bloggers pile up their accomplishments - I will simply restrict myself to say that 2013 has been another amazing year filled with new adventures, quests and challenges. Tonight I will cheer for Max and the fact that we had a healthy and happy little baby during 2013 - who brought the concept of love a new dimension in my life. But from a more blogbased perspective I will raise the glass for many and brave decisions, for the fact that I finally learned how my camera works and last but not least because I found a new partner, colleague and friend during 2013. On the maternity hospital! Yes, that's true. I promise to tell you more about that later. My New Year's resolution for 2014 then? Writing. If 2013 was all about photography, my keyboard will get to work a lot more during the next 12 months. I'm not sure if that will be noticeable here, but I really miss the reflection and thought and hard work I put into my texts before I started blogging. Everything tends to become so brief and short in the blog format. And finally I will stop being so damn dutiful and "clever" and start to live a little more. Yes. Honestly and sincerely. I will put the quality of life and enjoyment über alles in 2014. And I wish you some of that too. Cheers and happy new year! See you on the other side of midnight.
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.com


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