Formex spring 2014

This week the Nordic interior design fair Formex is held in Stockholm. More than 900 exhibitors, 26,000 trade visitors and 800 media representatives. This spring Formex ushers in the season with inspiration and trends based on Day Dreams. I took the tour to collect some inspiration and information about the upcoming seasons hottest colours, patterns, styling trends and new products. Lets take a look!
The Trend Zone was curated by Jan Rundgren. Lot's of craziness and colour (honestly, not my cup of tea) divided into the themes Down to Earth, Deep Flow, Day Dream and Indian Summer.
I liked a few of them, but I'm sorry to say that I'm fed up with the "kitsch" trends that Formex always comes up with.
I liked the trend café Day Dream much more. As well as Synnöve Morks fantastic trend restaurant "Onstage Backstage". Wonderful exhibitions and a nice environment for a relaxing meal.
Pink, beige, lots of glass and ceramics, wooden details and nature inspired looks seems to be trendy during the upcoming months. Well. I think 2014 will be a good year!
Photo: Frida Ramstedt,


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