Heimtextil 2014

I'm back from Frankfurt and it's time to sum up Heimtextil 2014. One of the largest international interior design fairs / trade shows for textiles and wallpaper. The overall (and inofficial) theme this year was "structure". Whether it was wallpaper, textiles or new technologies that was on display the red thread and common feature was three-dimensional surfaces and tactile patterns.
The fairgound in Frankfurt is huge. E n o r m o u s, even. Sprawling over acres, through hangar-like halls. Me and my sister in law was very happy for all escalators and moving sidewalks that helped us move around more easily between the exhibitions. Especially since we were walking with a stroller.
Another major difference with Heimtextil compared to the other fairs I visited before was the strict German "no photo policy". The exhibitors were not happy when I hauled up my SLR Camera. The only place I was allowed to take pictures with something else than my crappy mobile camera was the trend exhibition. So therefore, I will focus my photo report on that area. Here we go!
 In the Trend Zone called Progress! the fair had put together four themes with lots of samples from the different exhibitors. Engineer Nature, Generate Collision, Rejuvenate Craft and Exalt Purity. On my Instagram account, you will find four videos showing even more pictures of them!

Engineer Nature displayed how we are experiencing a design trend that explores the concept of creating natural works using articifial means and which allows itself to be inspired by the interaction of science and design.
Generate Collision displayed how new emerging materials and technologies allow replicable unique and personalised results.
Exalt Purity was presented as a response to mass production, the interest in objects that have personalities and are accompanied by stories is increasing. In the quest for meaning, this movement honours natural materials by embracing their imperfections and highlighting their origins deliberately. While Rejuvenate Craft was reviving and renewing traditional craft techniques.
Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se (my pic is taken by Anna Ramstedt, Prickenoverlivet.se)


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